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Hidden instructions

At the beginning, it was said that the texts shall not be provided with special formatting instructions before their automatic conversion to HTML. But there is an exception for this: with blanks hidden instructions can be put in the text.

Blanks at the line ending or in a line without other characters are invisible in the text. So you can write them into the text without changing its appearance. Till now only two uses are made of this possibility, perhaps there will be more such hidden instructions in future. (The advice: remove all superfluous blanks already now from texts which shall be processed with later versions of Text2HTML, too.)

An empty line with ecactly one white spaces instructs the program not to interpret the following line as a heading or the beginning of a list or a table. This instruction is marked green   in the editor.

E.g. it happens now and then that a line of text satisfies the criterion for a heading, but isn't a heading. So the following line:

<HTML> <BODY> Original-Text </BODY> </HTML>

interprets as a simple heading, if a white spaces is put in front of it:

<HTML> <BODY> Original-Text </BODY> </HTML>

An empty line with ecactly two white spaces has a similar effect as the previous instruction. In addition all white spaces in the following lines are printed, the special character aren't translated and the boldface attribute is ignored. This instruction is marked lime    in the editor. (For HTML experts: the following text is included into the tags <pre> and </pre>.

Compare the results for the same text:

A text with two whitespaces in front looks exactly as is looks in the original text too:

E n g l i s h :  Hello  world 
G e r m a n :    Hallo  Welt 

with one whitespace in front the text interprets as a normal paragraph and bodlface is recognized:

English: Hello world
German: Hallo Welt

without whitespaces in front the text interprets as a table:

E n g l i s h :  Hello  world 
G e r m a n :  Hallo  Welt 

If a line consists in more than two white spaces they are marked red    , to signal that there might be a superflous white space.

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