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Free projects for the TextTransformer program shall be listed here. The project Text 2Html for the conversion of plain text files in HTML pages makes the beginning. All contents of this web site, which you can access by the menu, are generated, by means of the Text2Html project from plain texts. The contents are embedded into a common layout by the free Minimal Website program.


I was extremely impressed with your components and tools. Not only extremely powerful but very professionally done and well documented, etc. Really quality work, congratulations

mouser (First Author, Administrator)

You can have a look at the text version of this start page here:


The TextTransformer program

The TextTransformer is a Windows program for the analysis and transformation of texts. By the TextTransformer you can:

  • extract data from files,
  • change texts specifically or
  • convert text formats.

TextTransformer projects at first can be tested step by step within the user interface. Then they can process either single files or arbitrary file groups, either interactively or with the integrated transformation manager or by means of the command line version. The professional version of the TextTransformer allows exporting projects as a C++ code.

Web sites of the TextTransformer



TextTransformer projects

Text2HTML converts plain text files into HTML code.
Wikipedia converts wikipedia-scripts into HTML pages.
Yacc2TT converts LR Yacc grammars into LL Textransformer grammars.
C preprocessor expands macros and removes directives.
C parser analyzes the programming language C.
XML-Writer produces XML-files.
HTML4 analyzes internet pages.
RtfCheck checks RTF-files for errors.
Zahl2Nombre translates German numerals to french.

Spamfilter is a plugin for the Spamihilator

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