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It is recommended to put the IMP filter in second place just after the newsletter in the list of filters if you have designed your individual mail parser in the way described below.


Here the Spamihilator on-line help decribes how to make this setting:



Of course it depends on the kind of the project where the IMP filter should be placed in the list of the Spamihilator filters. However, it is the special capability of the IMP filter that you can make your individual mail parser in such manner, that it can  decide surely for certain mails whether they are spam or not spam. It therefore makes sense to put the IMP filter in the list relatively far above. Desired mails should not be eliminated by other filters and unwanted mails not be excluded from the further analysis as not spam, before the IMP filter can test them at all. In cases where the IMP filter cannot decide surely whether it is spam or not spam, the mail should be passed to the other filters however.