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The navigation menu of your website is created automatically in the order in which you have inserted the pages into the website tree. You can adjust the look of the menu in a special dialog or you can determine the appearance by external css files. In the latter case the button with the menu crossed out red must be pushed in the tool bar.

If the button for the menu properties is pushed button for the menu properties, there are three main possibilities to create the menu:

  • as simple menu items separated by a linebreak <br>
  • as a list of menu items
  • as a table of menu items

The result of this choice has a quite big influence on the look of the entire menu. The choice is made by the buttons in the toolbar.

Then there are five main properties, which can be modified by further attributes individually:

  • the entire menu
  • main menu item
  • a selected item of the main menu
  • sub menu item
  • a selected item of the sub menu

You can choose a different background color and a left margin for each of them. For the entire menu you can specify a top margin too. You can select fonts with different properties for the different kinds of menu items.

If you have some knowledge of HTML, you can put code for additional style attributes into the edit field of the five main properties. This code has to be in the form

CSS attribute:value; ...

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