Result on parser error

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Settings > Result on parser error


Three options can be chosen how the filter shall proceed if a mail cannot be parsed.






1. Indifferent


Per default mails which cannot be parsed are treated indifferently and therefore passed on to the other filters. This is the recommended option for the IMP filter with a high priority.



2. Non-Spam


The classification of the mails as non spam makes sure that they aren't lost. This can make sense particularly  if you are experimenting with a new TextTransformer project and spam mails are needed as examples for testing the project.



3. Spam


The mail is classified as spam. This is risky because mails get lost easily if classified as spam. Even experienced users of the TextTransformer frequently miss alternatives which lead to parser errors. This option isn't recommended therefore.


After a call of the settings dialog a value is written into the Spamihilator.ini: